Whats makes airbrush makeup different?

The makeup Jenni uses is a silicone based formula containing tiny particles of chemically derived silicone. These tiny spheres of silicone are too large to be absorbed by the skin so they sit on top and help to fill any uneven skin texture. Silcone based foundations are excellent for covering up problem skin, acne scarring or enlarged pores and can be applied in thin even layers to create the ultimate in full coverage but without looking or feeling heavy. Silicone bases are long lasting, sweat proof, smudge proof and can provide a dewy or matte finish in a sheer to full coverage. All of Jenni’s airbrush makeup is oil free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

Can I get flawless skin with airbrushing?

Using airbrush makeup you can create any effect you want. This could be a sheer application with a subtle shimmer, or full flawless coverage with defined contouring. Jenni carries over 30 colours. These can be used to correct imperfections,even out skin tone and create custom colours. There are 20 shades of foundation to cover every skin tone including very pale, asian and black skins. These colours are uniquely blended to create the perfect colour match for your skin. Jenni uses a mix of airbrush and hand applied techniques to add colour to the eyes and lips.